Work Samples

An example of one of blogs I wrote while interning at Creactive
Featured snippet win when I was doing SEO
+50% increase in revenue
Major improvements across our high converting keywords
A media plan I developed as a project for a company. Keep in mind, I wasn't well-versed in SMM at the time. Full deck below.
My paid search win. Below is data for one of my accounts. You'll notice around peak COVID crisis, our budgets were pulled. I acted quickly by pausing weaker keywords and ads to shift that budget over to our higher converting campaigns. The result, as you can see here, is that conversion rate increased, while CPA went down. Needless to say, the clients were happy. 
Due to the NDA contract I signed, I cannot give much information about the projects I work on at Wavemaker.
To get more hands on experience, I decided to take on my own client and develop of paid search media plan for his business. Full deck below. 

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