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When I was 11, my dad and I stopped at Fullerton airport to check out "airport day". This event included food, fun, and of course airplane rides. We scouted out a plane we wanted to take a ride in - named the Ford-Trimotor - an old-timer that carries up to 7 passengers. As my dad and I were eating our lunch right next to the airstrip before embarking on our aviation journey, the Ford Trimotor took off. Something wasn't right, as the plane lost lift and veered towards our building. I watched in horror as it came within inches of hitting us. As my dad and I ducked, we could see the airplane's shadow go straight into the ground, erupting in smoke and dust. 













Luckily, we got out unscathed. Even better, there were no fatalities. However, that day truly left a mark on me as I became incredibly fearful of flying. 

ford tri motor.jpg

Now, having a fear of flying and a love for travel does not mix well. So I knew I had to conquer it somehow. On my 25th birthday, I decided I was going to fly an airplane. 

Amanda flying.jpg

At first, I was incredibly anxious. I admitted to the pilot beforehand "I'm nervous." His response? "Me too.." 😑

Once I got my hands on the yoke, I felt exhilarated, yet so at ease. The sights above LA and Orange County were breathtaking and I felt so incredibly liberated. I knew from that moment that I wanted to learn how to fly a plane.

Here's real footage of my flight. Take note of the way my friends completely trusted my capabilities..

Right now, I'm in the beginning stages of studying the Pilot's Handbook to learn the fundamentals. I have a school picked out and it's only a matter of time before I take flight. 


(because apparently my friends did not)

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