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Hi again. Turns out I learned a thing or two during my years of professional work. Here's a timeline of my journey:

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2012 - 2018


Positions Held:

Front End Assistant​, Front End Cashier, Sales Rep, Team Lead - Merchandising

The beginning of my working adventures. I was chosen out of hundreds of applicants to help open a brand new Costco warehouse in my hometown. I was with the company for nearly 6 years and held multiple positions before I left to finish college. Needless to say, I walked away with many invaluable skills and a whole lot of fun stories that only people who have worked in retail can tell. 

Skills I Learned:

  • The ability to work under high pressure

  • How to deal with different personalities 

  • Techniques to drive sales

  • The importance of product placement

  • How to efficiently cross-train in other departments

  • Good leadership skills

  • How to lead a team to meet business goals

Prize Badge


Organized a team of 6 employees where I was responsible for merchandise returns, holiday preparation, and schedule coordination. Costco sales were up by 15% and I led the team to ensure that we were able to meet the demands of the increased workload.


Intern - Counselor of Civil Code

Position Held:

I was still an employee at Costco, but decided to take on an internship during my fall semester. I was one of six candidates chosen for this opportunity. During an accelerated two-week training course, I learned California civil codes, tenant/landlord rights, and laws relating to small businesses.

Skills I Learned:

  • Learning a vast amount of information in a short amount of time

  • Neutralizing heated consumers via a phone call

  • California Civil Code as it pertains to consumers and businesses

  • Working well in a fast-paced and minimally supervised environment

Prize Badge


Assisted a particularly irate tenant with landlord issues. Stayed on the phone with her for 30 minutes, answering questions and validating her concerns. Following the phone call, I wrote out an extensive email with additional actionable solutions. She called my supervisor the following week, having found a resolution based on my counseling and put in a good word for my workmanship. 

Amanda internship.jpg
APRIL 2012 -
JAN 2018
AUG 2017 -
DEC 2017
MARCH 2018 - JUNE 2018


Position Held:

Intern - Copy Writer

It was my last semester of college and I decided to learn as much as I could from real world pros. I reached out to a local agency to see if I could come in and chat. The owners of Creactive were impressed with my initiative and offered me an internship as a copy writer. This was the beginning into the digital marketing world.

Skills I Learned:

  • Working alongside sales in a B2B environment offering ground-up SEO services.

  • Interviewing clients, identified key attributes and provided 500-word blogs to be used in future marketing. 

  • Assisting the company owners in selecting a marketing plan best suited for their client's needs and resources.

Prize Badge


My biggest win was getting this internship in the first place. It was a complete accident, but it opened up my world to digital marketing. After interning there, I knew how to write 500 word blogs that would boost a company's SEO. 

Creactive Inc. Logo
JUNE 2018


Amanda Charleston Graduation

Bachelor of Arts in Consumer Affairs

     - Minor in Marketing

  • CSULB President’s Honor List achievement

  • CSULB Outstanding student award

  • Member of Kappa Omicron Nu

JUNE 2018


  • Networked with a Google Marketing Manager who invited me on a tour to see the Google Irvine location.

  • I learned more about Google marketing platforms and what it means to have 'Googleyness' 

Google entry ticket
SEP 2018 -
APRIL 2019


Position Held:

QA Analyst

The Liar Princess and Blind Prince

I started working at NIS America shortly after graduating college. It was a fun and fast-paced environment, where I got to geek out and witness the behind-the-scenes action that takes place before a video game hits the market. 

Skills I Learned:

  • The ability to review and analyze major video game titles to ensure the highest quality expected by end-users.

  • Time management skills in order to meet strict deadlines and milestones..

  • How to leverage grammatical, spelling, and technical proficiencies to achieve fundamental goals while optimizing product marketability.

Prize Badge


Several days before our project was due, our game began crashing while in dev mode, eliminating our ability to skip around cut scenes. We did not have time to play the game through again, so I stayed overtime to create a solution for avoiding the crash and accessing specific cut scenes. This solution increased productivity by +20% and we were able to deliver our project early. 

November 2018


  • Networked with a Blizzard Senior Concept Artist who invited me to take a tour of Blizzard headquarters in Irvine.

  • I learned that Blizzard's success comes from delivering a top quality gaming experience to its users, even if that means pushing back deadlines.

Amanda at Blizzard.jpg


Amanda at Google HQ.jpg
February 2019
  • Networked with another Google Marketing Manager who primarily worked on Chrome.  He invited me on a tour to see the Google headquarters in Mountain View.

  • I learned about Google's company culture and why taking care of your employees breeds productivity and growth.  

April 2019-Nov 2019


Position Held:

SEO Specialist

After interning and networking in the digital marketing space, I sought out a full time position to further my skillset. I got a job as an SEO specialist, where I worked on 4 sites and 7 apps for an e-commerce brand. 

Skills I Learned:

  • Optimizing a website to increase Google ranking.

  • Conducting thorough keyword research.

  • Disavowing toxic backlinks.

  • Coordinating with influencers to win high authority backlinks.

  • Writing quality copy to increase relevancy and ranking.

  • Utilizing app store optimization to achieve higher rankings.

  • Digging into data using Google Analytics, Search Console, and AppsFlyer.

  • Navigating WordPress to make site edits.

  • Using SEMrush for competitor research and keyword ideas.

  • Managing social media sites. 

Prize Badge


Optimized our site to rank for Google's featured snippet, which drove free traffic to our app page. This optimization strategy led to +50% increases in organic installs and revenue. See it for yourself here! 

Nov 2019 - 

GroupM - Wavemaker

Position Held:

Paid Search Senior Associate

I was highly interested in other branches of digital marketing. Lucky for me, I was contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn who was looking to hire for a growing Paid Search team. I was hired on as a Senior Associate, where I've gotten to work alongside amazing mentors, learning different aspects of search, working cross functionally with other marketing channels, and engaging with our healthcare clients. 

Skills I Learned:

  • Working in paid search platforms, such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Search Ads 360

  • Day-to-day management of paid search campaigns, including pacing and optimization strategies. 

  • Running search reports on a regular basis to mine for new keywords and ad copy.

  • Working cross functionally with other marketing channels to ensure seamless brand messaging.

  • Compiling a deep dive SEM report, which analyzes MoM data

    • Using data to deliver insights and recommendations to clients​.

  • Utilizing Excel to create pivot tables, formulas, graphs, and charts.

Prize Badge


During the midst of the COVID crisis, search campaigns were inevitably impacted. As the clients pulled back budgets on the accounts, I was able to quickly go in and pause underperforming keywords and ad copy to preserve budget and shift that extra spend to our top performing campaigns. The end result was that our conversion rate improved by +25%. This quick thinking helped reduce our client's worries and build trust. 

Darth Vader Costco
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